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The Chord Company

Based in Amesbury – near Stonehenge – The Chord Company has a bunch of new products that it wants to make know to you. Well: here we go! We received an extensive press release from The Chord Company, containing a lot of product news. We take over as integrally as possible. That includes the obviously enthusiastic description of the manufacturer and importer Latham Audio.

Despite all the challenges this year, the product development department didn’t stop at The Chord Company. After the successful introduction of the English Electric Switch and the introduction of the XLPE shielding for their range of speaker cables they have now finished converting the entire range of speaker cables to XLPE shielding, from now on the popular C-Screen and Clearway are also available as XLPE version.


Also in the field of IMAGE, The Chord Company has introduced three new HDMI cables, of which the EPIC HDMI AOC is the top model. This cable supports HDMI 2.1 and 8K at 120Hz. For NAIM enthusiasts there are 2 new interesting products introduced. The first one is an upgrade power cable to replace the standard Burndy power cable for NAIM power supplies and power amplifiers called ChordBurndy.

The versions of The Chord Company have significantly better shielding and use the same conductors and TAYLON material as the ChordMusic cabling. For users of a NDX2 or NAC272 The Chord Company comes with an upgrade for the well-known Burndy Plug on the back. The so called Chord Bridge replaces the standard Burndy Plug and improves the sound quality. Below we will discuss all new products in more detail.

C-screenX and ClearwayX

The Chord Company has completely redesigned its entry-level models, with both the C-Screen and Clearway speaker cables now benefiting from XLPE shielding. The XLPE shielding ensures that the sound quality remains even better intact due to the minimal loss of electrical energy and excellent mechanical properties. C-ScreenX is 10 euro p/m and ClearwayX is available for 20 euro p/m. The Chord Company can customize any desired length.

New HDMI cables

In addition to the existing C-View HDMI cable, The Chord Company has introduced 3 new HDMI cables. The Clearway HDMI, Shawline HDMI AOC and EPIC HDMI AOC are new in the program. Top model is the EPIC AOC HDMI with HDMI 2.1. and 8K support. The HDMI cable that is ready for the future, although there is not much 8K content now, this is expected to change soon. The EPIC HDMI is a hybrid cable that converts the audio signal to an optical signal. The advantage of this application is that an optical signal does not suffer from HF Noise from the outside, so the sound quality remains better intact. The Shawline HDMI also uses AOC and has an HDMI 2.0 chipset and support for 4K, the Clearway HDMI does not use AOC, however, much has been done to isolate the bundle pairs and the entire cable itself is isolated. The cable supports 4K2K, HDCP 2.2, 1080P and Audio Return. Prices from: EPIC HDMI AOC 1meter 600 Euro, Shawline HDMI AOC 1meter 300 Euro and Clearway HDMI 0.75m 75 Euro. Various lengths available.

Chord Burndy

The Chord Bridge is also an upgrade specifically designed to get the most out of a NAIM NDX or NDX 2 network player. If you do not use the optional power supply on the NDX network player, it is terminated with an external plug on the back. This plug ensures that all circuits are internally connected, unless you place an external power supply here of course. The Chord Burndy is an upgrade for owners of NAIM equipment. The Burndy cable takes care of the power supply from the NAIM Power-Supply to a NAIM Source, pre- and/or power amplifier. The Chord Company has found room for improvement compared to the standard included one. It provides more detail and openness through a better construction. The Chord Company’s conductors are made of silver plated copper. The shielding is from TAYLON just like the top-of-the-range ChordMusic. Furthermore, they have tackled acoustic damping and all individual conductors are shielded with an EMF Braid for optimal shielding. The Chord Burndies are available for various models and in any desired length.

Chord Bridge

The Chord Company has found room for improvement in this design. The standard knob is made of plastic, but the Chord Bridge is made of metal. This ensures that the internal cabling in the button is much better shielded from EMF and that unwanted Noise does not come back into the circuit of the NDX. This makes the quality of the player even better. The Chord Bridge will soon also be available for the NAC-N272. Price 599 Euro.

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