Lumin IR remote control for all Lumin streamers


Lumïn presents an infrared remote control kit compatible with all streamers from this manufacturer. Very convenient! With the introduction of Leedh digital volume control, the manufacturer was inundated with the demand to provide a (IR) remote control. Thanks to this high quality lossless volume control, in many cases the preamplifier has become superfluous. Omitting it often results in an improvement of the sound quality. But yes, the included remote control was quite handy to quickly adjust the volume or mute the volume at caller….’, continues the press release.

Plugging into USB input

Lumin now meets this need with the introduction of an infrared remote control kit.

Dutch importer Penhold: ‘The kit consists of a high quality Austrian-made remote control and a receiver (cable length + / – 90cm) which is connected to the Lumin streamer on a free USB input.

This remote control is suitable for all (X1 / S1 / T2 / A1 / T1 / D2 / D1 / U1 / U1mini / M1) Lumin streamers and offers functions such as: volume up / volume down / mute / play / pause / next / previous / shuffle / repeat & standby. There are also keys reserved for future functions’. The recommended retail price of this remote kit is €329.

Penhold expects the Lumin infrared remote kit ‘soon’ and according to Penhold can deliver it well before Christmas!

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