Meridian high-end products now with ‘Works with Sonos’


Meridian has also joined the ‘Works with Sonos’ certification program. Both brands now work seamlessly together.

If you have a Meridian high-end device in your home, and you happen to have something from Sonos as well, then these devices are close friends nowadays. With the Sonos app you can control your Meridian stuff as well as any Sonos speakers you may have.

Meridian announced the news itself on its website. Furthermore, the ‘Works with Sonos certificate’ also makes it possible to use more than one hundred streaming services integrated in the Sonos app.

Sonos Port of Connect needed

Currently, the Meridian 218 and 251 zone controllers have obtained certification. The 818, 816 and UtraDAC will follow soon, the manufacturer promises.

By the way: a Sonos Port is needed to actually get all this working. The older Sonos Connect (no longer available since the beginning of this year, but possibly still somewhere in your home) will do as well.

Furthermore, the Sonos app does not support hi-res audio from home. However, if you connect a Sonos device to a Meridian controller, you will be able to enjoy advanced upsampling and Fifo buffering.

By the way, the first ones to sign for a ‘Works with Sonos’ certificate were Pioneer and Onkyo. That was as early as 2018, when we had all the freedom in the world and no one had ever heard of anything as vague as Covid. Times can change quickly…

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