Nubert automatic setup now also for Android


Nubert has had a nice app for iPhone owners for some time now, but not yet for Android. That has changed!

That’s why Nubert had an app for automatic setup of a room for the iPhone and not for Android devices was very simple. From an iPhone it is known exactly which microphone is used, so the measurement data is reproducible.

Every Android phone, on the other hand, is different. And so you can never use it as a measuring instrument. Moreover, it turns out that many Android phones do not pick up frequencies below 100 or even 150 Hz at all. Not much use to you.

The solution is simple: Nubert has released a dongle – the XRC Android Interface – containing a microphone. This allows the app to perform reliable measurements.


The Nubert Dongle can be used in combination with the X-Remote app. X-Room calibration works reliably with the microphone dongle. It then works just like with iOS. Place your phone or tablet in the listening room, play the test signal and wait a while. Then your system is optimized for the room you’re listening in. The only requirement for the module is that your Android device has a USB-C connection. This will be the case for most recent devices.

By the way, the Nubert XRC Android Interface costs only €34.

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