Ortofon 2M Black LVB250 cartridge


Ortofon pays homage to the 250 year old Ludwig van Beethoven, by means of a special MM cartridge. Beethoven, who doesn’t know him? In his day, the good man could never have imagined the current recording and playback techniques. Not even in his wildest dreams.

Nowadays vinyl is not the most modern storage and distribution medium for music. But it can rejoice in a warm interest. Which means that manufacturers of equipment and accessories for playing the – mostly – black discs are doing good business.

Ortofon has been manufacturing cartridges for many years. And found it a good idea to commemorate the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven with the special 2M Black LVB250 cartridge. This is an improved version of the 2M Black. Just like in that version you will find a Nude-Shibata diamond in it, with a needle holder made of boron. According to the manufacturer, this should lead to a frequency range, transparency and sound that is not inferior to that of an MC cartridge.


Furthermore, a new rubber has been developed by Ortofon that provides an optimal ratio between damping and yield. The new cartridge costs €999 and on the housing there is an image of Beethoven himself.

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