Pro-Ject turntables stolen, attention blown


If you are someone who is always scouring the internet and auction sites for great offers, then you should pay attention because of a theft of Pro-Ject turntables.

On sites such as eBay you can regularly find nice items for sale at great prices. Sometimes just too nice. In that case, it is often illegally obtained by the seller (also known as theft). And of course, as a thief in the night you don’t have to stick to dealer prices. What’s more: you want to get rid of the stuff as quickly as possible.

For the bargain hunters among you, it’s time to pay attention at Pro-Ject turntables. If you buy them in the ‘grey’ circuit and not through a dealer, you may run into a stolen one. At Hifi Pig we read that about 70 turntables of the brand in Kent have been stolen from a truck.

Stolen good doesn’t thrive

In the same article you will also find the serial numbers of the stolen players. Although sales in the UK are the most obvious, there is also a good chance that they will turn up on more international auction sites. The manufacturer has already stated that there is no guarantee or service on the stolen players. Should you unexpectedly and (hopefully unintentionally) find a stolen player from Pro-Ject, you are kindly requested to contact the police.

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