Record Store Day 2021 scheduled for June

Record Store Day

Event organizers are eagerly looking forward to next year, as is Record Store Day which is scheduled for June 12th. Record Store Day always delivers great deals and other special items for music lovers. The special day in honor of the record store, however, has had a hard time this year, due to Covid.

Normally the day is held annually on the third Saturday of April. For 2021, the organization sees that – probably justifiably – not yet. That’s why a hopefully more realistic date of June 12th has been pinpointed. Hopefully by that time we will be on the right track and vaccination programs will have brought back the much desired freedom of movement.


The first regular audio-related events – just like any other event – will undoubtedly attract a lot of people after Covid. Let’s hope that 2021 will indeed be the year of regained freedom and health. After all, the Corona misery shouldn’t last much longer. That will really be at the expense of a lot of jobs, suppliers, manufacturers and more. Quite apart from the mental health of the average person.

Record Store Day 2021 is in any case something to look forward to very cautiously. And given the time of year, you might even expect a live performance on the streets here or there.

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