Samsung will launch first MicroLED TV soon


Micro-leds are the future. They don’t have the disadvantages concerning wear and tear of OLEDs, and Samsung wants to make a big bet on it. OLED screens look beautiful. But anyone who has used a smartphone with such a screen for a longer period of time, also knows one of the biggest disadvantages of this technique: burn-in. OLEDs that are on for a long time slowly lose some of their brightness. If that happens in a certain area – think of stationary text or a station logo – that part gets darker. This part will also ‘shine through’ when the culprit is long gone.

Nice examples can sometimes be seen on information boards at airports. The industry has pulled out all kinds of tricks to prevent this burn-in. The relatively short lifespan of OLED’s compared to regular LED’s has also improved tremendously in recent years. But still: an OLED is not a LED.

The new micro-LED technology that is emerging has the advantages of OLEDs (deep blacks, bright colors and high contrasts) but not the disadvantages of Organic LEDs. The technology is still expensive, but as far as Samsung is concerned, it might be time for an introduction in the living room early next year.

Spicy pricetag

However, Samsung’s very first MicroLED TV will probably not become a small ‘offer’. With a diagonal of 110 inches, it’s a gigantic screen that won’t fit in every living room. Nevertheless, it is a consumer-focused device with smart capabilities and a ‘5.1-channel and OTS Pro’ sound system. Note: these are all rumors for the time being. It’s also funny that the screen can be divided into four sections, with each 55 inch virtual screen displaying its own content. Business Korea – which brought the news – claims a price of $90,000 dollars. Samsung itself does not mention a price yet.

In the same article, a rollable OLED screen is also announced. Whether it’s really going to be there? Wait and see! The photo placed above this article is a press photo of Samsung.

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