Sonoro Qubo now also available in silver


Silver is a color that – as far as audio equipment is concerned – comes and goes. It’s a cycle… We are now clearly in the ‘up-trend’; a peak, as Sonoro also notices that. Where the color black for audio equipment is actually always okay, silver and the even more flamboyant champagne or even gold seems much more trend-sensitive. In recent years, interest in silver (and other ‘light’ shades) has clearly increased. Sonoro likes to take advantage of it. The Qubo of this brand is now available in silver. By the way, this is a special edition, so the stock will certainly not be unlimited. But if you are a fan of silver, now is your chance to score the Sonoro Qubo in that color.

All in one

Beneath the silver finish is the famous hand-formed wooden casing. The Sonoro Qubo is a practical kind of ‘all-in-one’. You can use it to listen to DAB+ radio or use it to knock off the old FM band.

A built in CD player will come in handy even in this day and age. Want to play music from a USB stick? No problem! And even an AUX-in has been thought of. According to Sonoro, the upward-firing 3-inch speaker should provide 360-degree radiated sound. Available in black, white and now also silver for a price of €349.

On the Dutch website of the manufacturer the silver version is not mentioned at the time of writing this article.

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