Apple extends free trial of Apple TV+


Good news for anyone who has recently (or some time ago) purchased a new Apple device: the free access to Apple TV+ “delivered” with it is being extended (again).

While Apple TV+ is still nowhere near as complete as many other streaming video services, what is offered is of high quality. And – not unimportantly – almost all of it is produced in-house. In short: unique content that is also offered at a competitive price compared to other services.

Because Apple sees that a significant part of humanity is still glued to their homes and will remain so for the time being, the free trial period has been extended until July 2021. Neat, because all those lockdowns and quarantines don’t make you happy. Apple TV+ can also provide just a little extra entertainment. This is the second time that Apple has extended the trial period. The first extension was also because of Corona.

Up to nine months more

Under the circumstances, it means that anyone who bought a new Apple device in 2019 and activated their free TV+ period at the time will still be watching it free of charge. In total, about nine months added, which still adds up to a few tens of euros saved. And that, too, is a nice bonus in these harsh times.

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