Apple provides a digital spring


Traditionally, Apple releases new hardware every spring, mostly iPads, an iPhone SE and in-ears. This year is probably no exception. It’s already beginning to cautiously buzz among Apple enthusiasts. A series of new hardware is also expected in March this year. Including a new iPhone SE, the affordable version for “the common man/woman” from the iPhone series. The device will undoubtedly have a larger screen, although we guess that the SE will still use an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen as found in the top models. A grumbler who pays attention to that, of course. There are also rumors that the American manufacturer will announce an even cheaper iPad as an entry level. Meanwhile, the (actually) affordable tablets of Apple have an excellent reputation. So if you happen to be looking for a tablet, keep an eye on the Apple announcements this spring.

Refurbished AirPods Pro

For music lovers, there’s also likely to be a nice-to-have. In the form of refurbished Apple AirPods Pro. Again, these are rumors circulating on all sorts of websites, so obviously it all remains to be seen. But often such gossip turns out to be pretty accurate these days. In fact, you could say that spring means the launch of a series of budget products for Apple. Plus one flagship in the form of an updated iPad Pro. According to the rumors, nothing has changed on the outside of the 2021 Pro, but the processor has been upgraded. That will probably be an A14 variant. Or would Apple have been crazy enough to include the laptop-SoC M1 in that…? That’s the advantage of rumors: you can freewheel as far as predictions are concerned!

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