bFly-Audio Octopus: record weight and clamp


Vinyl enthusiasts can do a lot of tweaking to their setup: there’s plenty to adjust. One improvement possibility is a record weight cum clamp a la Octopus from bFly-Audio.

To get the most out of vinyl sound, it is important to place a record as flat and resonance-free as possible. This is where the time-honored record weight comes in handy. And that in this respect we have also arrived in the twenty-first century. That is proven by bFly-Audio with the Octopus.

This is a tool that has two operating modes: record weight and record clamp. The latter function comes in handy with lumpy records: using the clamp screw, you can squeeze them neatly back into line.

The Octopus is available in various colors and weights, and thus available for both high-end and mass production turntables. In the Octopus, the absorber consists of eight half spheres of beech wood, each fitted with a gel pad. This construction should effectively counteract annoying vibrations, according to bFly-Audio.

Light and Heavy

The bFly-Audio Octopus Light is available in black or brushed aluminum versions. Currently, versions weighing between 230 and 300 grams are available. A Heavy version weighing 520 grams will also be available soon. If you order two Octopuses at once, you will score a discount of €99.

The device is available with a flat and a round head. To be honest, the round version looks the nicest, if only because it resembles a real octopus.

The Octopus Light costs €499 and the yet to be released Octopus Heavy €599. There is also a bFly-Audio Octopus Vario with two cutouts for clamp and weight, with an additional price of €40.

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