Citech HiFi Rose RS150, streamer and DAC in one


The HiFi Rose RS150 from the South Korean Citech is a streamer and DAC in one, with a remarkably large (and wide) touchscreen on the front.

You operate the Citech HiFi Rose RS150 via the generously proportioned display on the front. According to the manufacturer, even YouTube videos can be played, which is always nice. Furthermore, thanks to an Asahi Kasei AK4499EQ chipset PCM data up to a quality of 32 bit/768 kHz and DSD to DSD512 will play. A built-in Femto-Clock ensures accurate timing.

Both symmetrical and a-symmetrical outputs are available. AES/EBU inputs and outputs are also available, as well as two I2S outputs. Streaming can be done completely without wires (so… wireless via wifi), and if you want, you can pair audio sources via Bluetooth. For example, to quickly hear a tune from your smartphone.

Then there is USB-B and an ARC input as well as HDMI out. It features a userfriendly interface that allows you to easily integrate this Citech into your home’s multimedia system.

Option for USB CD ROM player

We are not finished yet in terms of functionality. Citech has also given the HiFi Rose RS150 the possibility to work with a USB CD drive. If you connect such a device to the streamer-DAC, then it will not only become a full-fledged CD player, but also a ripper with which you can digitize your music collection. Remains the price, which is €3999.

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