EarFun presents Air Pro with noise cancellation


The new EarFun Air Pro are not only truly wireless in-ears, they also feature ANC and an attractive price tag.

It’s not always convenient to walk down the street with the most expensive in-ears. There is the risk of loss, damage and so on. For the daily trip to work (although these days are on hold for a while of course) cheaper copies are usually fine too.

Like the new EarFun Air Pro for example. These are truly wireless models, also equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC). The manufacturer calls it QuierSmart Hybrid, by the way. Including a transparent option, where you still get some of the ambient sound through.

Long playtime on full battery

A USB-C port is available for charging, nice and universal so. Bluetooth 5 ensures low power consumption on the wireless side. The driver is 10 mm in size and a total of six microphones are present in both earbuds.

Playtime on a full charge is a whopping 9 hours, according to EarFun; the included charging pouch allows for an additional 23 hours of plug-free listening. The Chinese-made Air Pro is available on Amazon, for a mere €59.49 (see screenshot at the top of this article). An ideal amount for a set of spare earbuds, we’d say. Then again, how they sound in practice we don’t know.

However, What Hifi wrote lyrical about the non-pro version so they won’t be too bad either.

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