Elipson presents Heritage XLS15


The new Elipson Heritage XLS15 speakers look like they escaped from the seventies! It’s wonderfully retro and also… well, yeah: a bit cool!

Of course, although the Elipson Heritage XLS15 looks very retro, everything under the hood is brand new. And it meets the technologically current state of the art. It’s a 3-way bass reflex system. The forward-facing bass port can even be damped to adjust the bass response to your liking.

In terms of drivers you will find a newly developed 30 cm bass driver with a cellulose layer. A 55 mm midrange and 22 mm silk dome tweeter complete the package. This tweeter is also used in Elipson’s flagship, the Prestige Facet. The sensitivity of the Heritage XLS15 is 92 dB.

Tone control

A controller on the Elipson Heritage XLS15 allows you to adjust center and treble levels in a 2 dB range to suit your personal taste, listening room, type of music, and more.

You can place the speakers on the floor, on one of the two available baseboards, or go for the tripod. There is also the standard included baseboard that places the speakers at a 7-degree angle. The 28-kilo, French-built speaker costs $1,990 per pair.

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