Erzetich Medousa hybrid headphone amplifier


Slovenian Erzetich has released the new Medousa headphone amplifier. A hybrid model. The Erzetich Medousa is a headphone amplifier built in dual mono configuration. Thereby, the input stage is provided by double triodes; tubes. This is followed by a semiconductor output stage, so there is something for everyone.

The complete device is symmetrically built. At the same time, you can also use the Medousa asymmetrically. There is both a symmetrical and asymmetrical headphone output available, and also a set of cinch connectors as line output not forgotten.


The design of the Erzetich Medousa is distinct, sleek modern on the one hand and retro on the other. In fact, you could call it a bit of functional steampunk.

The casing consists of a mix of steel and wood; a quadruple tube proudly adorns the top.

The regular retail price of the device is €3500. However, if you order before the end of this month (January 31), you will pay €2975, which means a substantial discount of a whopping €525.

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