Harman Kardon provides surround sound in the car

Harman Kardon zorgt voor surroundgeluid in de auto

Harman Kardon wants to use its new L.I.V.E. platform to bring live concerts to the world. And it goes without saying that you would prefer to hear such a concert in surround, even when you are on the road. The new (intended!) L.I.V.E. platform from Harman Kardon is intended to compensate for the lack of real live concerts. At the same time, we would like it to stay. You can’t travel all over the world to see your favorite artists perform. Not only does this quickly become a very expensive expense, but the unnecessary pollution it causes is also questionable. So if there is one positive thing we have learned from Covid, it is that people understand that much more is possible from home than they thought. Not a bad thought to hold onto that feeling at least in part. Moreover, online streaming of concerts in high quality means that many more people can enjoy them. Especially if, as Harman Kardon intends, this is done in 3D spatial audio, which makes you feel as if you are really in the middle of the concert hall. Extra special: the service is intended for listening in the car, among other things. Because despite everything, we still drive. Even if it’s only a drive to a lonely forest. The manufacturer promises to make all this possible (if things go according to plan).


Harman Kardon’s L.I.V.E. streams via 5G, so on the road there is no problem with speed. Special headrests with built-in speakers should provide immersive sound. And of course L.I.V.E. works just as well in the living room. Through your smart TV for example and the underlying home cinema system. Nice extras include the ability to interact with an artist. Think of requesting a song, or getting a personal response. It is not yet known if and when the automobile version will be realized. We hope it will go ahead, because it all sounds very appealing!

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