KEF presents new Uni-Core technology


KEF’s newly announced Uni-Core technology provides more bass at a more compact size; an interesting solution.

KEF does quite a lot of its own rersearch in-house. And the results are regularly seen in the final products. For example, the Uni-Core technique.

This is a so-called ‘Force Cancelling Driver’. These concentrically placed and overlapping voice coils provide a common control. Because these voice coils slide into each other, a smaller size is possible; in any case, the whole takes up less space than would be the case with two completely separate drivers.

First product this month

The intention is that this month the first product will appear on the market with this “Siamese bass driver” built in. What and when not yet known at the time of writing.

In any case, it is a very nice idea, which shows once again that even the old speaker itself can still be tinkered with and not all is yet discovered.

By the way, the ‘siamese’ is patented, so others are at a disadvantage (or have to dig deep for a license).

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