Kimber Kable presents Kimber Carbon


The new Kimber Carbon contains a lot of carbon, but given the name, that should not come as a big surprise. The characteristic braid is not missing either.

Kimber Kable is an American manufacturer mainly known for its braided cables. The company has released a new series of cables, all manufactured in-house in the US. What makes the new Kimber Carbon special is that high quality carbon is used to separate the individual conductors in the teflon insulated cables.

This is a fairly pricey carbon-polymer that has a high degree of stiffness, among other properties. According to the manufacturer, this in turn should lead to a minimization of internal and external vibrations, while at the same time offering protection against electrostatic and magnetic disturbing influences.

Intended for the better high-end equipment

The idea of Kimber is that you use the Kimber Carbon in very high quality high-end installations. For example, the American copper conductors, patented ‘VariStrand-technology’ get the most out of the sound quality.

The prices of the new cables range from the Kimber Carbon 8 a €1330 per meter (stereo) to Kimber Carbon 8 a €4434 per meter (also stereo). As promised, the cables are internally braided, which is what the manufacturer has become familiar with.

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