LG presents ‘bendable’ OLED gaming TV


Gamers prefer to sit behind a curved screen, while movie lovers prefer a flat screen. LG solves the dilemma once and for all. To really enjoy an immersive experience, many gamers find a curved screen ideal. And preferably as large as possible, of course. But if you want to use the same television in the living room for watching movies, such a curved screen is often just a little less pleasant. In short: we have a potential problem here. However, if it’s up to LG in the future, it won’t be.

On the upcoming virtual CES in Las Vegas they will show a television that can bend or spring back to a flat surface at the push of a button. In this way everyone will be satisfied.

Speaker Screen

The LG Cinematic Sound OLED is still a concept, which means that a possible start of production and deliverability are unknown. By the way, it’s not just the screen itself that has something special going on, LG has also been creative in the field of audio. Below the 48 inch screen is a 0.6mm exciter film. This ensures that the entire screen surface of the television acts as a speaker. This trick not only ensures that the sound is really radiated from the picture, but also makes the TV thinner than ever. After all, there are no more traditional speakers to build in.

We found the announcement of the device at The Korea Post, where the above screenshot also came from.

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