LG shows transparent TV, ready for the future


If it’s up to LG, the future of TV is transparent. A concept system by LG shows the possibilities and advantages.

Anyone who thinks that the world will soon return to pre-Covid habits and customs will probably be deceived. The chance of new pandemics is greater than ever in human history. In short, many of the habits and customs learned will prove to be permanent.

Think for example of a physical shielding between salesman and customer. Nowadays these are still simple plexiglass screens. But they can also be more functional and nice to look at. A transparent TV for example. Well… LG would like that. If you place it as a shield, you can show relevant information on that screen. For example, the menu in a takeaway restaurant, or data at a municipal desk.

Even if there is no pandemic, such a screen helps against the spread of something banal like flu or colds, always useful.

Screen as speaker

Also in a bedroom or living room a transparent TV as the concept by LG can come in handy. The thing is then at least a lot less emphatically present. Now you’re looking at a turned off – mostly black – device. By the way, the TV that shows LG is an OLED copy, where the screen surface immediately acts as a speaker, just like with other concept sets.

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