Live Switch Test – Cisco – Paul Pang – NuPrime – English Electric – SOtM

After a month’s break, we have another great Live Test for you. Sunday at 10:30 we will test six switches… live. And this time… we will use our own listening room again (because of infrastructure issues). 

We very, very often get questions about network optimisations. Does a cable do anything? Which switch performs well? Does CAT 6 sound better than CAT 5? What about CAT 7 and CAT 8? Which cable should be good? Do I need to use high quality cable everywhere or only for the last couple of feet? Questions, questions, questions.

We are going to try to answer some of them. Where the focus lies is on switches. We’re going to put six models side by side for you:

  • Standard Cisco – 40 Euro
  • Paul Pang – 349 Euro
  • Paul Pang Quad – 2499 Euro
  • SOtM sNH 10G – 999 Euro
  • English Electric 8Swich – 499 Euro
  • NuPrime SW-8 – 499 Euro

If we have time, we’ll take our Meraki switch – connected via fibre – for a spin.

We will test everything with and without audiophile power supply. This is to determine how much influence this has.

We hope to see you online Sunday 24 January at 10:30!

Live Switch Test

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