Mytek Liberty THX AAA headphone amplifier


The new Mytek Liberty THX features patented Achromatic Audio Amplifier Technology… It doesn’t get more linear than this.

That Achromatic Audio Amplifier Technology from THX, abbreviated to AAA provides extreme linearity. It is therefore the most linear amplifier technology currently available. You can expect a high degree of musical precision, a dynamic range never before achieved and a very low proportion of noise and distortion.

Listening through the new Mytek Liberty THX headphone amplifier with AAA on board ensures that you hear music exactly as intended by its creator. And then there’s the THX feed-forward error correction that lets AAA get the most out of it.


Thanks to THX Feed Forward, a maximum current of 1 A can be delivered to the output at a voltage of 25 Vt. And with that, any currently available headphone can be driven.

Of course, with this kind of power, a good protection circuit is needed and the Mytek Liberty THX has it; in multiples. The output is disconnected by means of an output relay during power-up until all components have reached full voltage and stability.

The headphone amplifier is compact in size, but make no mistake: this is definitely a reference specimen. High quality gold plated connectors are used and an oversized 60 watt toroidal transformer provides the power supply.

Furthermore, separate – low noise – volume controls are provided for the left and right channel. The Mytek Liberty THX should be released in the first quarter of this year.

Pre-ordering is already possible, the price is €1495.

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