Netflix raises prices in US and UK


Netflix is raising the prices of its Premium subscription in the US and the UK. Whether the EU will also be affected?

At the time of writing it is not yet clear whether EU binge-watchers can also look forward to a price increase from Netflix. In the US and UK, however, it’s a fact. At our western neighbors, the price of the premium subscription is going up by £2 per month. According to Netflix, this is necessary to be able to (continue to) make new investments.

The price of the standard subscription will remain unchanged for the time being. If the price increase at Netflix is also implemented in our region, you can always save by falling back on this. However, you will no longer be able to enjoy 4K and HDR with the popular streaming service.

Critical look at subscriptions

That streaming services increase their prices more or less every year is no longer a surprise. Disney has also announced a price increase. And that will be implemented in for example the Netherlands, it’s about €2 more per month. Anyone who still hoped that streaming would only become cheaper in the future, can let go of that thought. It also means that households might (have to) take a more critical look at all their streaming subscriptions. Because if you have, for example, a subscription to Netflix and Disney and Spotify, it will certainly increase the cost a lot on a yearly basis…!

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