Panasonic and Klipsch bring Atmos to car


At this year’s virtual CES, Panasonic and Klipsch announced they were joining forces to bring Dolby Atmos Music to the car together.

Panasonic and Klipsch showed off a concept system featuring Dolby Atmos Music in the car at this year’s virtual CES. In fact, the whole thing was created by Panasonic, with assistance from the already mentioned Klipsch and also Dolby itself. There is no view yet on when a consumer product will come to market.

According to the manufacturers, the test system already delivers an impressive immersive sound behind the wheel. Note the addition of Music, by the way. This is a 360-degree sound technology intended for music, comparable to Sony’s 360 Reality Audio.


That we shouldn’t expect “cinematic” Dolby Atmos in the car is probably just as well. For one thing, it’s obviously not the intention to secretly grab a movie while driving. And also, it can lead to dangerous situations. Because of obvious reasons! A live concert or a track developed for Dolby Atmos Music works much better during a long drive, we think. Read more about it here on this page from Panasonic.

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