PS Audio releases new Transport

PS Audio

PS Audio’s new Transport is – as the name might suggest – a transport for CDs and SACDs.

At the heart of the new PS Audio Transport is a newly developed “Air-Gap. ‘ It’s going to be the new standard for all of the manufacturer’s products, and the Transport is ‘the first device where the idea has been put into practice. With Air-Gap, internal galvanic separation is used to do away with contamination via ground and, according to PS Audio, it virtually eliminates noise of any kind.

The Transport plays both standard CDs and SACDs, which the manufacturer says you can now listen to in full detail.

DSD outwards

In short: a CD transport for music lovers. A big advantage is that the PS Audio Transport also opens up the DSD layer of SACDs. This drm-protected stream can now be fed directly via I2S to a PS Audio DAC, so you really get the most out of this medium.

Furthermore, the ‘digital lens’ that was also present in the predecessor has been provided. Thereby, the transport/laser mechanism is electrically and mechanically separated from the optical unit. And that should lead to the elimination of jitter and timing inconsistencies, so you get a bit perfect signal on the output.

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