Roberts Stream94i Plus Smart Radio


Can’t choose between the old analogue FM band, DAB+, streaming music services, online radio or your own music collection on the NAS? Roberts offers a solution.

The name of the Roberts Stream941i Plus Smart Radio is quite a mouthful. And in terms of possibilities as well.

First of all, it is a ‘classic’ radio, which can not only play the FM band but also has no problem with the digital station package on DAB+. However, the device goes a step further thanks to network capabilities. Worldwide radio stations can stream in (mostly) good sound quality via streaming radio (or web radio). And would you rather be your own DJ and take control of your own music selection? Then you can play music directly from streaming services Spotify Connect, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz and Amazon Music. The program also supports playback of music files via DLNA, which makes it possible to access your music collection on a NAS.


Stream941i Plus Smart Radio by Roberts is a stand-alone device. However, if you want it, there is a line output available that allows you to connect it to an existing hi-fi system. If that happens to be an older one without modern connectivity options, then you can pick it up as well.

Solo, however, is also the perfect solution for your radio. A 2.1 speaker system, Bluetooth connectivity, an acoustically optimized housing, a memory for 120 stations, alarm clock, headphone jack, equalizer: it’s all there. The Roberts Stream941i Plus Smart Radio costs €349

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