Sonos presents battery kit for Move


Sonos is doing something that – we hope – will also be done by other manufacturers. It is presenting a battery module for the Move.

Many modern gadgets, mobile devices and speakers have a built-in rechargeable battery. Now those things are subject to wear and tear. And eventually the time will undoubtedly come when a device is no longer usable because of a battery that no longer holds its charge.

Unfortunately, many of these devices are built in such a way that the battery can hardly be replaced, unless you are some kind of electrosurgeon. In short: a lot of otherwise perfectly usable electronics end up on the scrap heap when in fact only the battery is worn out.

Apparently Sonos thought this was a bit ridiculous. And so they released an affordable battery replacement kit for the Move Bluetooth speaker.

Battery kit

In Sonos’ kit, in addition to the battery, you’ll find tools to remove the old battery, as well as replacement screws to neatly reassemble the replacement battery. The kit costs $69 dollars, which is a whole lot cheaper (and more environmentally friendly) than buying a new Move at $399.

Incidentally, the Move is Sonos’ first portable speaker; all the others have been powered by a mains supply. Hopefully Sonos will also realize replaceable batteries in any upcoming portable models. It will ensure a long life for your device.

As an aside: most Move batteries will not be ready for replacement for a long time, the speaker was only released a year and a half ago. But it is possible now, a nice thought!

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