Andoid TV 10 gets AV1 (but only new models)


Google is going to bring the new video codec AV1 to Android TV 10. But with a restriction: the codec must be implemented in hardware.

The fact that Google requires AV1 to be implemented in hardware has direct consequences for anyone who currently owns an Android TV 10 device. It is highly likely that AV1 will not work on them. However, this restriction applies to devices that are brought onto the market after March 31st of this year. Whether Google will release a software version for older devices is not clear. But even if that were to happen, it would be a drain on resources and power consumption of the CPU in such systems.

The Old ones…

AV1 was developed by the Alliance for Open Media, whose members include Google, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Facebook, Nvidia, Samsung, ARM, Intel and Mozilla. An excellent development in itself, finally an open and widely usable efficient codec. Unfortunately, the arrival of the newcomer also means that some of the ‘old’ devices will not be able to handle AV1. Or only software-wise, which is a major drain on the battery life of mobile devices. But hey, those kinds of teething problems will be forgotten in a few years.

Virtually every newly developed video codec has these kinds of problems. And there are many positive aspects to this, such as the fact that every device from a reputable brand can handle high-resolution video (streams). And also that you can shoot them yourself. Moreover, AV1 is open and royalty-free. No need to worry about rights!

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