Apple AirPods Max ear pads available


OK, the new Apple EarPods Max are so new they probably aren’t needed yet, but you can buy replacement ear pads.

Actually, it is mainly the ear pads of headphones that wear out. After frequent use the top layer is no longer what it was, or something else is wrong with it. And then it’s time to replace them.

With many low-budget headphones there are hardly or no replacement copies available. Fortunately, this is different with top models. At least for Apple’s new AirPods Max, they are available now. In all colors in which the rather exclusive headphones are supplied.

Fashionably combine them!

And even if your Apple AirPods Max are not worn out yet, the ‘replacement’ cushions can come in handy. For example, to combine different colors depending on your outfit and mood. And believe us: there are people who do that without hesitation. Especially in the group of users of the Apple brand, you will find such fashion-conscious figures. And why not? It makes for a more cheerful streetscape, after all.

And every bit of cheerfulness there is, we have to embrace nowadays. The spare cushions are currently only available in the U.S. for $69; the rest of the world will follow shortly.

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