Bassocontinuo presents new AEROLINE


Bassocontinuo introduces the new AEROLINE, developed in collaboration with the internationally renowned architect Marco Acerbis.

Bassocontinuo’s new AEROLINE series consists of two racks: Model F2 and amplifier tray Model F1. Model F3 (a double wide rack) will follow in the coming months.

Bassocontinuo announces that for the first time in their history they have chosen a mix of design, ideas and materials in which the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance has been found. The internationally renowned and awarded architect Marco Acerbis has signed for the design of the entire new series. So if you are looking for a design rack that is not only functional but also has a special look, go for it.


For the sake of convenience, let’s summarize the general features of the Bassocontinuo AEROLINE series:

  • Full modular rack
  • Aftermarket upgrade
  • Each shelf packaged separately
  • Solid stainless steel structure, connected to the shelves by special ultra-light carbon fiber connectors
  • Height-adjustable spherical spikes with a stabilizer ring for precise adjustment
  • Thickness of the shelves: from 30 to 50 mm
  • Load capacity: 80 kg per shelf
  • Solid bottom discs under the rack decoupled by nitrile rubber
  • 5 finishes: Sahara Noir, Statuario Light, Nero Marquinia, Racing Black, Ade Black

More information about the respective components can be found on the web pages linked below:

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