B&O Beosound Level upgradeable portable speaker


What immediately stands out about the new B&O Beosound Level portable speaker is that it is upgradeable, a relief in our society of disposable goods!

It is actually ridiculous that mostly expensive portable speakers with streaming capabilities can be discarded after a few years. Simply because new streaming protocols cannot be implemented on the then ‘outdated’ hardware, for example. Or simply because a manufacturer prefers to sell new equipment. The pile of electronic scrap is therefore steadily growing.

Apparently B&O has also figured this out, given the fact that the new B&O Beosound Level portable speaker is upgradeable. And not just in terms of software, but also in terms of hardware. The whole thing is modular, so that things like a battery can simply be replaced after a year or so of use.

The streaming module is also exchangeable, so that if necessary it can be adapted to the state of the art in, say, four years from now. An absolute relief!

Put it down, hang it high…

Apart from this innovative replaceable concept, the B&O Beosound Level is also a versatile speaker. It can be laid flat or placed in a standing position. Hanging it horizontally or vertically is also an option. The aluminum frame can be covered with real oak veneer or Kvadrad fabric as desired.

Thanks to the built-in battery mentioned above, the Level can be used wirelessly for 16 hours when fully charged. If you want, the speaker can also be used as a charger, for which a cool contactless magnetic ‘plug’ is included.

The new B&O is IP54 dust and splash proof and can therefore also be used outdoors. Although you have to wonder if your neighbors will be very happy with that. In terms of connectivity, you can get started with AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast and Spotify Connect as well as Bluetooth 5.0.

You’ll pay €1499 for the B&O Beosound Level; the wall-mounted hook is available separately. Available from April 29 this year.

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