Cabasse The Pearl Sub, basses with a ball


The new Cabasse The Pearl Sub handles a maximum of 2000 Watts in power for the bass. Impressive. Also: it will definately help your system if that lacks a certain ‘warmth’.

Of course, what immediately stands out about the Cabasse The Pearl Sub is its spherical shape. A bit back to the seventies, so to speak. But with ultramodern technology on board.

As far as amplification is concerned, you are completely done with the Pearl Sub. Apart from the amplifier for the bass, a 2 x 600 Watt power amplifier for the satellites is built in. To this you connect something like the Cabasse Io3, for example. Thanks to the built-in CRCS space correction, you are assured of a tailored sound for your listening room.

The little ball also turns out to be pretty smart, for example you stream music from your NAS, completely wirelessly. Or go for streaming via Bluetooth where aptX is supported.

30 millimeters

Cabasse has chosen a 25cm woofer for The Pearl Sub. The linear excursion of this is up to 30 millimeters, enough for a deep and solid bass reproduction. In short: if you are looking for some extra ‘oomfff’ and actually a total solution in terms of bass in your (intended?) speaker setup, then this very nice little ball is a possible option to consider.

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