Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M with MQA

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio has released the new DACMagic 200M, a hi-res DAC that also supports MQA. Nice detail: the price is not that bad!

The new DACMagic 200M from Cambridge Audio features two ESS Sabre DAC chips as its beating heart. These allow for up to 768kHz / 32bit quality, or go for DSD up to DSD 512.

As promised, the newcomer also has no trouble reproducing MQA, so you’re back in the front row in terms of capabilities and format support for now. According to the manufacturer, the DACMagic 200M should have a neutral reproduction, made possible by good quality components. Among other things, capacitors from the famous WMA have been used.

Bluetooth with aptX

In terms of connections the new Cambridge Audio DAC is very versatile. Two coaxial and S/PDIF inputs are provided. A handy feature is the ground switch which solves any grounding issues at the touch of a button.

On the output side you can choose from symmetrical XLR or traditional asymmetrical line output via RCA connections. A special feature of the DACMagic 200M is that Cambridge Audio has also included a Bluetooth receiver – including aptX. This allows you to quickly play a tune from your smartphone or tablet for example.

A headphone amplifier and associated socket on the front complete the look. As promised, the price for all this beauty is not too bad; you have to pay €499 for it. Available from sometime this month.

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