Daniel Weiss wins Technical Grammy 2021


Daniel Weiss – of Swiss company Weiss Engineering – has bagged a nice Technical Grammy for the 2021 version of the award fest.

The Grammys are an annual crowning achievement for artists. It puts outstanding ones in a well-deserved spotlight. One of them this year is Daniel Weiss, who took the coveted award for the Technical category. Needless to say, he is very happy with the Grammy, which he will receive on March 14. A nice confirmation of the hard work he has done – mostly behind the scenes.

Software updates and new cable

Weiss Engineering supplies a range of high-end and studio equipment. The manufacturer lets us know that new software is available for the Series 5 Units, which includes a crossfeed algorithm for listening through headphones. Also, you can now control room equalizer settings via the web interface.

Furthermore, Weiss announces a new speaker cable in the Chiron series, again employing a Start-Quad with virtually zero inductance. According to Weiss, this cable (and underlying series) is intended for uncompromising coupling between amplifier and speaker. Definitely worth a browse on the site of Weiss Engineering, physically located in Uster, Switzerland.

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