Falcon Acoustics homebrew speakers

Falcon Acoustics

For anyone who wants to roll up their sleeves and know what really goes into a speaker, Falcon Acoustics has released the Q7.

The new Q7 mini-monitors from Falcon Acoustics are not exactly the bargain of the century. Certainly not when you consider that you have to screw them together yourself. At the same time, you will learn a thing or two from doing so. And you end up with a beautiful and useful set of speakers.

The cabinet of the Q7 is made of ‘production grade’ Italian birch wood and the Falcon Acoustics B110 and T27 drivers are supplied. You don’t have to use the soldering iron, thanks to the fully assembled crossover filter that is also included. A pity, really, because it’s the soldering that makes it extra fun. But anyway, the risks of mistakes were apparently too high for the manufacturer here.


Besides the parts of the speaker, all necessary tools are included. So you do not have to dig deep into the toolbox that has been gathering dust in the garage for years. The online manual and construction video on YouTube will help you through the building process of the kit.

Remains the price… The British manufacturer asks £995 for it. Should you get the hang of homebrew, Falcon Acoustics has a mountain of drivers, filters and more ready for you. Apart from various complete kits, you can use the individual parts to design a completely custom cabinet.

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