Focal Clear MG Professional, for pros


The new Focal Clear MG Professional is – as the name probably suggests – intended for professionals. But you may of course also listen to it at home.

Focal has released an improved version of its Clear headphones aimed at music makers. The Clear MG Professional is still an open one, by the way. Equipped with a 40 mm driver with M-shaped, inverted dome shape. Now made of magnesium, which the manufacturer says has resulted in a lighter and stiffer unit that is better damped and delivers an even more precise sound.

The also new honeycomb grille in the ear cups should give the high frequencies a helping hand, with the already mentioned M-profile of the driver preventing distortion and other unwanted issues.


The perforated fabric ear pads should guarantee long-lasting comfort, as should the leather headband. When you purchase the new Focal Clear MG Professional, you get a 6.35 mm and 3.5 mm cable as well as a matching carrying case.

The fresh Focal is now available, you need to plunk down an amount of €1499. Quite a bit of money, but if you earn your money by making music or other types of audio productions, this can be seen as a reliable tool. Accuracy is then obviously desired, quality versus quantity.

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