iBood, sometimes they have very nice HiFi stuff


No, this is not a disguised ad but more something written from my own experience. iBood still proves to be very interesting.

iBood is, so to speak, the “outlet” of Media Markt / Saturn. It is a system based on daily offers. When it started a few years ago, it was a sensation among many (Dutch) Internet users. After all, the prices of the goods on offer are often well below the normal price. The ‘hunts’ were (and still are) legendary, where for a period of at least 24 hours, offer after offer flashes by.

Experience over the years has shown that the items are actually of good quality. Unless otherwise stated, this is usually not refurbished stuff, so that makes a difference. Sometimes discontinued models are sold, but that does not have to be a problem. In recent years we also see renowned audio brands – think of KEF, Audiolab, Edifier or Pro-Ject for example. And that makes iBood also interesting for anyone who is on the hunt for better audio, but has a limited budget.

Quirky, sometimes

As mentioned, it is not always ‘the latest and greatest’ model that is offered via the sales site. What does apply is that it is a company operating in the same country. So you don’t have to expect great misery when dealing with warranties and defects. Definitely worthwhile to keep an eye on the site regularly. And again: not a disguised ad, but simply based on my own positive experiences.

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