Klipsch Pumps Up computer audio (significantly)


Klipsch presents the ProMedia 2.1 BT computer speakers, designed to take the sound of your home office up a notch.

Who remembers them: the old lo-fi plastic computer speakers? You see them less and less. Partly because people mainly use laptops (which already have speakers build in – of equally poor quality) and partly because ‘the PC’ is increasingly disappearing from home life.

In recent months, however, there has been a kind of revival, because work has to be done at home. And because many companies always lag behind in terms of technological developments when it comes to the workplace, more PCs and laptops are being sold – against the odds. And if you then spend many hours slaving away in your broom cupboard converted to a work space, a bit of decent sound is one of the few things that increases work enjoyment.

Klipsch now has the ProMedia 2.1 BT computer speakers ready for you as work vitamins.


Each Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 BT features an 8 cm proprietary MicroTractix horn, meant for the mid and low tones. Flanked by a 19 mm tweeter, according to the manufacturer that should provide a nice sound image.

To give the low bass just a bit more ‘foundation’, a subwoofer is also included. You can just put it somewhere under the desk. The whole system can handle a total power of 200 watts. Nothing wrong with that, and apart from a tune from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone you can also use it to pep up your Zoom meetings and the like.

We saw the newcomers here for an amount of €299.

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