Magix SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 3

SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 3

If you want to digitize old cassette recordings or LPs, the SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 3 program from Magix will come in handy.

Let’s face it. Yes, vinyl and even cassettes are enjoying warm interest. But at the same time, the number of fans of these primal media is small in percentage terms. Not surprisingly, because most people are no longer waiting for the ‘hassle’ of records and tapes. At the same time, in many attics there are unique recordings of family life, radio broadcasts from the past, unique LPs or singles, and so on.

In order to listen to those, many choose to digitize it. Doing so properly often requires some cleaning up of the source material. Cassettes rustle, especially if they were recorded with cheaper decks. Vinyl, too, is often tarnished with ticks and also noises. If that highlights the charm of the medium for you: don’t do anything about it. If you want to de-noise and de-tick then there is, for example, the program SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab. It is a total package that gives you full control over the digitizing and cleaning process.


Magix SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab is ideal if you want to make special recordings easily available digitally, for example via the NAS. Consider audio tracks from old VHS tapes. With a bit of luck these recordings were recorded in stereo in decent quality. It’s great to hear live concerts from the past again. Just with a tap on the smartphone then, preferably.

A range of filtering and restoration options make SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 3 an interesting piece of software. The price is also very reasonable at just under €100.

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