Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 poorly available for now


Microsoft has announced that the deliverability of its new game consoles will be poor until at least June. And that has everything to do with production problems at AMD.

Both the new Xbox from Microsoft and the equally new PlayStation 5 from Sony are struggling with delivery problems. The consoles are only sparsely available and as soon as there is even a small batch available, it is sold out in no time. Golden times for handy (or rogue if you will) traders on the world’s auction sites who quickly buy up the already scarce devices and sell them for double the amount.

The cause of all the misery must be sought at AMD. This chip manufacturer supplies the processors for consoles. They are struggling with enormous shortages and manufacturing backlogs. It is expected that this problem will continue until at least April of this year and possibly longer. This all seems to be related to the Covid pandemic.

According to Microsoft, this means that gaming has exploded during the many lockdowns. You have to do something in that boredom time.

Media hub

Incidentally, the game consoles of both Microsoft and Sony are in the news for a reason. A modern game console is much more than a device to play games with. It is also an excellent AV hub that has taken a central role in many homes for playing audio and video. Think of streaming, but also the playback of more local media from, for example, a NAS.

At the end of the day, a game console can sometimes turn out to be cheaper than a more focused streamer. With the nice extra of being able to play games. It just depends on which angle you choose! Well, for now but with your old game computer to work so, also best fun.

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