Mitchell Acoustics uStream One Bluetooth speakers

Mitchell Acoustics

Mitchell Acoustics has released the uStream One wireless Bluetooth speakers, wireless in every sense of the word.

That Bluetooth is wireless may be assumed. So it goes without saying that you can quickly and easily connect, for example from your smartphone, to the new Mitchell Acoustics uStream One speakers.

Less obvious, however, is the fact that both speakers are also connected wirelessly. So you don’t have to pull an ‘inconvenient’ cable between the two speakers, which is always nice. According to the manufacturer, the newcomers deliver the same sound quality as you are used to from ‘expensive hi-fi systems’. But without the cable mess that such installations associated.

Choose tripod or bookshelf

In the Mitchell Acoustics uStream One, you’ll find a Clarit bass driver, plus a tweeter for the treble. The manufacturer recommends placing the speakers on a tripod, which should provide the best sound quality. But fear not: the uStream One’s also look their best on the classic bookshelf.

The newcomer is available in black and white. In the English homeland they are now available, if and when they will also be sold outside those regions is at the time of writing not yet known. In any case, the price is not too bad: £499.

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