New CD release date ‘L’ esprit du temps’


The dynamic duo Anastasia Feruleva and Frank van de Laar will release the album L’ esprit du temps on February 26; enlightenment in dark times.

We previously wrote about the upcoming album L’ esprit du temps by Anastasia Feruleva and Frank van de Laar. Meanwhile, the (slightly changed) release date has been announced: February 26. For convenience and on repeat, here is some information about the newcomer:

“Now that the whole world is literally and figuratively being shaken up, we want to reach out to people with special music from a time when everything was also in doubt: the period after the First World War. We want to convey an artistic message in which quality and content are central and not the volatility of social media.” (Anastasia Feruleva and Frank van de Laar).

Cello and piano

Anastasia Feruleva (Archangelsk, 1992) has been playing the cello since the age of five. Her exceptional talent was quickly discovered and brought her to concert stages around the world at an early age. She graduated summa cum laude from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and also studied in Berlin, Lübeck and Madrid.

Pianist Frank van de Laar (Laren, 1965) is widely known as a soloist and chamber musician. He studied in Amsterdam and Hannover and has made more than 25 albums, with leading interpretations of Mendelssohn, Schubert and Escher. As principal study teacher he is associated with the conservatories of Amsterdam and Zwolle.

Period after World War I

The duo’s debut production ‘Ballets Russes’(Gutman Records) was exceptionally well received. With the high end label TRPTK the musicians are now releasing the recording ‘L’esprit du temps’, with music from the period after World War I.

Composers such as Igor Strawinsky, George Enescu and the sisters Nadia and Lily Boulanger are featured. The rarely played ‘Cello sonata op. 26 no.2’ by Enescu constitutes, in the duo’s opinion, one of the highlights of the cello repertoire of the twentieth century. In recent years they have often performed this highly refined, differentiated and complex work, each time discovering new layers and details.

Also special is the recording of “D’un soir triste” by Lili Boulanger, a work known primarily in versions for orchestra and piano trio. Due to the composer’s early death, the third version, for cello and piano, has remained unpublished to this day. Based on the original manuscript, it has been completed by the duo. A true CD premiere!

Finally, Strawinsky’s ‘Suite Italienne’ and Nadia Boulanger’s ‘Trois pièces’ complete the picture, bringing to life the spirit of the famous ‘Salon Boulanger’ in Paris.

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