Primephonic releases Maestro listening guides


Listening to classical music requires some guidance, at least if you want to do it “right. Primephonic’s new guides come in handy for that.

Primephonic is a classical streaming service of Dutch-American origin. They have announced a new feature in the form of Maestro. Maestro makes it possible to read along background information appearing on screen while listening. This way you will get to know instruments and also how and why they are used in a specific way, for example.

It will certainly make it a lot easier for beginners in the world of classical music to (learn to) listen. There is often a lot more hidden in a song than you can hear at first, second or third sight.


Primephonic is a streaming service really special and only for classical music. You can choose from 3.5 million songs, spread across 170,000 performers, 230,000 albums and 2400 labels. In particular, the classical-friendly search system – which allows you to search by eight rather than the usual three parameters that suffice for regular music but are virtually useless for classical – makes it ideal for this type of music.

Primephonic is available in a compressed mp3 format or hi-res lossless. Lossless is actually more or less a requirement for classical music, if you want to be able to hear the finesse of all the beautiful music.

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