Roon 1.8 gets a total makeover


Roon 1.8 is about to be released (it is probably released by the time you read this). Its makers promise that it will be a major upgrade that will bring many changes.

Today, Roon 1.8 rolls out. This version of the music management system (and that’s really an understatement) at least gets a new look. Until now, all your music has been organized into a sort of searchable magazine. That’s about to change, Roon 8.1 allows you to build a personalized home screen. In it, you’ll find an ever-changing queue of artists to match your listening habits. This uses user metadata more than ever, so you get to see a precisely matched selection. The improved Focus can now search anywhere in Roon, including Tidal and Qobuz. It must be very strange if you don’t find anything to your liking.

Classical and more

Fans of classical music also get their money’s worth in Roon 1.8. For example, a more compact display is provided for this branch of music. It should make it easier to browse through albums, since classical albums often have awkward and impossibly long titles.

Also nice – for all genres of music – is that you can search for artists who influenced a particular artist. This “360 degree view” as Roon calls it, again provides more links to related music. Incidentally, Roon is a paid service that can work with a range of Roon Ready devices. If you have a subscription running, the update will be ready sometime today.

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