Sennheiser 3D printed perfect fitting earphones


Sennheiser sat down with 3D printing company Formlabs. The result is a perfectly fitting custom printed earplug.

In-ears are those things that fit one person reasonably well and another person it will just never fit. Having an earpiece made to fit exactly is an option, but this is usually a very expensive affair. Partly because you have to have a print of your ear made by a specialist.

Sennheiser and Formlabs have a different approach (or better: they want to do it). Through a special app on your smartphone you can scan your ear yourself. Is the scan successful? Then the data is sent and after a while you will receive neatly tailored and perfectly fitting earpieces. As an extra option you can also have your initials printed on the part, so you can never accidentally swap them with someone else’s fitting.

Hearing aids

When exactly the service will be rolled out by Sennheiser and Formlabs is not yet known. Bear in mind, however, that Formlabs already offers a similar service for a hearing aid manufacturer. So the experience and technology is there. If all goes well, it won’t take very long.

In any case, it’s a charming initiative that will keep the price of such custom-made in-ears at a pleasant level. And a godsend for anyone whose in-ears keep popping out of their ears.

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