Sennheiser open to selling consumer business


Sennheiser has signaled its intention to focus on the professional branch of products, saying it is open to selling the consumer division.

Sennheiser has been a well-known and major player in the professional world for decades. In many studios, for example, you will find headphones from the brand as standard equipment. At the same time, the manufacturer is also active in the consumer market. However, it now seems to have lost interest in it, as evidenced by the official statement Sennheiser has placed on its website. The manufacturer indicates that it is looking for a business partner with a well-known name, so that it can concentrate on professional products from now on.


It is no secret that Sennheiser does not have it easy in the consumer market. There is simply an enormous amount of competition from others. Consumers often opt for cheaper products without necessarily looking at the quality. Perhaps this also has to do with the short lead time that AV products have nowadays. Have you just gotten used to that beautiful 4K TV with Dolby Atmos and there is already another 16K TV with an audio channel in the fifth dimension waiting for you. Well… you get the point.

Sennheiser has traditionally been a manufacturer that chooses quality over quantity. Exactly what the professional world also favors. In the process, the fast-paced and hyper-competitive consumer market is putting a strain on business performance. Last year, for example, Sennheiser was forced to say goodbye to 650 employees.

Incidentally, there is a striking name circulating in the rumor circuit of “the world” when it comes to a new owner of the consumer branch: Google. Perhaps that is not so strange, but compare it with Apple taking over Beats.

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