The Bristol Hi-Fi Show permanently cancelled

The Bristol Hi-Fi Show

The Bristol Hi-Fi Show was scheduled for February and was cancelled last October; a possible virtual edition will definitely not take place.

The cancellation of even the virtual edition of The Bristol Hi-Fi Show makes (audio) trade shows in 2021 moot again. As it stands, with several Covid mutations that could – or not – be covered by current vaccines – and a relatively low vaccination rate – many expos are probably not going to happen this year either. At least not in physical form.

It will also be exciting times for the leading High End Munich, for example. This trade fair traditionally takes place in or around May. The organizers had already figured out that this would be far too early. And so this year’s edition is scheduled for September 9 through 12. But even that may prove to be too soon, especially if we are buried under mutated Covid variants.


If any exhibitions do take place this year, they will undoubtedly all look very different from before. Think of a limited number of visitors, far-reaching measures in the field of hygiene and so on (see the screenshot above concerning the High End Munich).

For now, you will have to consume your hi-fi and high-end enjoyment mainly virtually. But as always, every disadvantage has its advantage: because you can of course just enjoy it from the comfort of your armchair.

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