VPRO On Stage opens the doors of the auditorium


Corona means no concerts or theater. Until then, VPRO On Stage from TivoliVredenburg opens its doors!

As a result of the corona measures, the halls and stages of the Netherlands – most countries – are empty. Not fun for the fan who has to do without the performing arts. And especially not fun for the artists and performers. For them, the need is getting higher and higher.

Diaries remain empty. There is no work and therefore no money. But in the rehearsal rooms and the studios it is brewing. Music and theater are being made for better times, when the public can enter the halls again. Until then, On Stage from TivoliVredenburg throws its doors wide open this Sunday.

Alternative stage

Which band should we all hear according to Ryanne van Dorst? And which performance is Romana Vrede waiting for? Which young artists will Henny Vrienten bring? How does Joost van Bellen bring an ode to nightlife? In the new VPRO programme On Stage, presenter Nadia Moussaid creates an alternative stage. Together with a chief guest for Dutch musicians and artists, they hoist the Dutch performing arts onto the shield.

Everything is possible

During a broadcast everything is possible: dance, theater, music and other varieties of performing arts. The performing artists we will see are all there through the intercession of the main guest, who will explain his choice with Nadia. In this way, not only is a portrait made of the guest’s taste, but also a portrait of the creative Netherlands. Henny Vrienten will be in charge of the first episode.

NPO Culture Action Plan

On Stage is a program within the framework of NPO’s Culture Action Plan, with which the public broadcaster wants to offer musicians and artists an alternative stage during the Corona crisis. On Stage from next Sunday 7 February, weekly at 19.20 at VPRO on NPO 2

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Photo at the top of this article: (c) Geert Broertjes

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