Amazon Fire TV Auto is coming to Jeep


Two 2022 models from Jeep will have Amazon Fire on board; both driver and passengers will be able to use it.

Now that broadband mobile Internet is commonplace, and we no longer have to worry about astronomical tariffs when crossing internal borders within the EU, streaming on the go is more popular than ever. Amazon also figured this out, which is why they made a deal with Jeep. In 2022 – next year, that is – Fire TV Auto will come as a feature in the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer. These new models will be unveiled March this year, should you be interested.

The idea is that both passengers and driver can watch the wide range of movies that Amazon has ready in its streaming service. Alexa is also on standby. Everything can be seen on screens in the back and front.


Jeep has thought about safety; after all, the driver is not supposed to grab a movie while driving. There is a “privacy filter” built in. This is probably a layer on the screen that makes it impossible to see from a certain angle, the same idea as that used on ATMs for example: only when you are standing right in front of it can you read what is on the screen.

During a stop, the driver is able to look in. Furthermore, it is possible to download content prior to a trip, which obviously saves a lot of mobile data on the road. Amazon Fire TV Auto itself will be available this fall. It is possible that other car manufacturers will join in, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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